Rick's Wood Gear Clocks

Featuring The "Oak" Clock Plans



The "Oak" Clock features a squirrel that "flies through the tree-tops" as the second hand moves!  It is not only unique and interesting, but it also keeps perfect time, just like all of our clocks! Please note that the "oak theme" is prevalent throughout the clock -- the "hands" are oak branches, the "face" is a leaf pattern, and there is an acorn on the end of the second hand, opposite the squirrel!

This clock is more detailed than the trainer clock plans and requires finer, more precision cutting skills, especially when it comes to cutting the gears.    

The plans are "full-scale," ready to use as cutting templates, so you only need to tack-glue the templates to wood and cut them out!  It's that simple!

List Of Materials Needed To Build This Clock
(The Finished Clock is 12"s Wide and 19"s High)

1 -     2" X 2" X  3/8"  Baltic Birch Plywood
1 -     24" X 36" X "   Baltic Birch Plywood
1 -     11" X 12" X 1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood
1 -     2"         3/8" Dowel 
1 -     56"         " Dowel ( one piece 48" dowel )
1 -     22"         1/8" Dowel
1 -     5-7 pound weight ( lead in a can or tube, Klockit sells a 1 9/16" X
                                        9 1/8" weight shell that can be filled with lead
                                        shot, used for shotgun shells )
1 -        Cable Pulley ( used for remote control airplanes)
25'      25 # test braided fishing line
7        1/4" Nylon Washer
Turncraft Clocks  612-471-9573  also sells the weight shells and a brass pulley

Sample pages from the manual.