Maybe this will explain a little better why some of the pattern designers are upset.


An email I received 8/14/05. 

Not sure if you remember me or not but  I was at a market yesterday and well i lost my cool .

I should have gotten his name but didnt ,Have you sent a catalogue to anyone recently here in Edmonton Alberta he  came in saying hes a scroller and he had your catalogue but he showed me what he had done he was taking your catalogue and blowing up the patterns and using a pencil he was fine tuning the pattern he offered to sell me any pattern of yours from your catalogue cheaply he said his lawyer told him he could make 2000 copies of the pattern if he changed very little and he could also cut 2000 of your patterns I had to walk away from my booth i was some hot.Two of my club members were there and heard the whole thing.
I should have gotten his name but anyways he said he was going to order some of your wood scrollsaw pattern very soon thats all i remember.
Just thought i should let you know.

And people wonder why all of the designers make such poor quality pictures in the catalogs. I am glad to see that most of the scrollers are honest and are as disgusted about this as I am. 

The guy may want to read section 42 of the Canada Laws.

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