Corel Draw 9 Tips                                 

 (A screen will open, click the picture to start and stop the video)

The best way to view these is to save them to your hard drive. Then you can play them right from your computer, not having to download them each time to replay the tutorial clip.

Basic lines and curves

Making squares and circles

Hot Keys that align selected objects 

Centering a hole in a square

Making a image identical on both sides

Making words fit a space

Duplicating objects and welding objects

Difference between grouping objects and combining objects

Making name plates, combining letters in a word

Using the trim tool to make a bench leg

Making a simple box panel

Making a clock face using the transform tool to divide the 12 hours off

What does the magnify glass do

Line weights and colors

Making a contour outline of an object

Making a spiral basket pattern

Making stars and multi sided figures

Blending a square to the shape of a circle in color

Making a large picture fit onto 2  81/2" X 11" pages

Making a PDF file in Corel

Envelope Tool 1

Envelope Tool 2

Zoner 4

Welding letters together

Some tips for using Corel Draw to make word art. ( PDF format )

Tip 1 Laying out a basic word name plate.

Tip 2 Using the envelope tool to shape words.

Tip 3 Connecting the dot onto the letters like i and j

Tip 4  Getting rid of the areas that can't be cut.