Cutting Straight Lines                                                       

The first thing we all try is to cut a straight line with the scrollsaw. Wow!
Feeding the wood straight into the blade in line with the arm and the blade wanders off to the right all the time. This is normal because the blades have a burr on the right side from the manufacturing process that causes them  to be more aggressive on the right side, thus they pull to the right.




If we start over and line up the wood at the angle that the blade made the cut , we notice that we are trying to feed the wood at an angle to the saw. Sure this gets the blade to follow the line , but it is a little awkward trying to remember to feed at an angle all the time.





The best way to saw then is to cut into the wood the find where the blade cuts straight. Then move around the saw and get in line with that position. now.





From where I will be looking at the blade, straight line of sight is off to the left of the center at the rear of the saw. No problem! If I sit in this position and feed my wood straight into the blade , the cut will follow my line