My Hobbies:                                                        

My first hobby is scrollsawing the impossible looking stuff. Miniatures do that! As you see from the deer in my pictures I love tiny cutting, but it does go slower than the big stuff. I've got the Black Forest clock down to a 7/8" clock face in it. And my newest mini is the Scroller baskets, made them now with the base smaller than the size of a dime. On some of the other days for a hobby I do Scrollsaw seminars and demos. I also collect scrollsaws from the 1800's to the present day saws. I now have 130+ saws and am always looking for others that I don't have one of yet. It is interesting to see the different ways they work and improvements that have been made to them in just a few years. I have produced a video that covers a lot of the old saws and how they operate.

My hobby is the Fire Service as a firefighter instructor. I was the Chief for 12 years then started getting involved as an instructor for Rural Water and large live burns for training. We go all over the state conducting training's by burning old grain elevators and other large buildings. We have even burned for training the old main street buildings a block long that are beyond repair. For these burns we haul all the water in tanker trucks and will use up to 500,000 gallons for a single burn. It has become an exciting hobby and doing a live training burn is on the top of the list for ways to spend a day. I am going on 28 years in the fire service, maybe I should retire from this someday.

Fire Training

Here are a few pictures of what I do for a hobby. This is some of our live fire training, burning old grain elevators. I am one of the instructors for these large burn trainings. I the first picture I am the one on the far right, with my coat open. Next to me is Cliff McFarland the head instructor.

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