This is the full size ark that was the first thing I did mail order with. Of course nothing is safe from my wanting to miniaturize it. The mini ark has all nine animals in it and will fit on the dime with the rim of the dime still showing.

Designed by Joanne Lockwood


Even the 3D reindeer that I cut are not safe from the mini cutting. The full size 1" tall ones take 20 seconds to cut. I do a lot of these at shows and demo just to give away.


Not a real good picture, the left clock is full size of the pattern, then they get smaller.


This clock is 4" tall !


This is a puzzle that has 25 pieces to it. Was originally a puzzle 8"  X  8"  but with the use of a scanner and computer I made it little smaller


Here is a scan of the stamp then cut out into a 25 piece puzzle. he problem is that the saw kerf takes too much of the picture away.


Well I finally started making the puzzle a little smaller. Now I have it down to 49 pieces in a 1" X 1" puzzle.

Finally cut one with 64 pieces in the 1" X 1" space. As you can see in the top row, I blew one piece. I guess I will have to cut another one, this one is 63 good pieces, or 65 pieces if I could have found the missing piece ! 





These are some miniature parts I cut for a model ship in England. Hope to have pictures of the whole ship sometime. 


I used a 8/0 Jeweler Blade to cut these parts.