Parallel verses C-Arm Saws:                                       

There are a lot of myths about the C-Arm saw that I do not believe are correct. Yes, it does undercut the corners slightly, but if you didn't have a magnifying glass, and know what you were looking for, it would not be noticed. That is if the saw is set up right and the operator has learned how to use it properly. That the C-Arm is a more aggressive saw is true. But the speed can be set down to cut just as slow as a parallel arm saw. When you need the speed it is there. In fact it will cut about 30% faster than a Parallel arm saw does. And if you cut 2X lumber the C-Arm will really show it's stuff for being aggressive, because it cuts 2X about as fast as a parallel cuts 3/4. It has the ability to cut small pieces, that will fit 3 on a dime, with the same precision as a parallel arm. It will stack cut the Scroller (Nelson) baskets smaller than a dime, with 1/8" plywood. If there was that much undercut it sure wouldn't do that. And it will cut the "Scroller" type of patterns with ease using the recommended 2/0 blade. Now it may take a little more practice to be able to do this on the C-Arm but it's worth the effort.    All of my clocks and 4Fun sculptures have been cut on the c-arm saw.