The Scroller baskets are a fun project and they look good.
I spend a lot of time at this table preparing patterns on the    wood for cutting.
The buggy patterns are from "Scroller" and I have mini them too. I just reduced the pattern until 1/16" plywood could be used instead of the 1/8" called for.
The new saw linup, and yes that is a Dewalt in the picture of my working saws. 
This is the cardboard box I cut to use with the "Vision" painting system. Keeps the over spray down and easier than newspapers.
This is a few of my old scrollsaw collection. Some are newer saws. I still have every saw that I owned except for an RBI that I only had for a week.
      Now there are about 90 saws in this collection.

The italiante chandelier

This was a fun project except I built it wrong the first time. The pattern is a little rough, so I redrew a lot of it. Many places they show the same part to cut, but each place the pattern is a little different from the others. Best solution is to find one that looks good and use that pattern all the way through, not the multiples of the same pattern from the pages. Then the biggest thing is the domes. After building the first one I looked at the picture again and I did not have the domes. These have to be cut from 1/16" plywood, then bent into place and glued into place. But here are some pictures of it.