This is the first fretwork clock that I built. I was given the pattern so I just had to do it.
These plus a few more clocks were built over a 6  month  period.

Not one of the easier projects, but they are impressive when completed. 

26 Hours to complete   


The chandelier took about 50 hours to complete. A challenge project.
A little change of pace.  The intarsia is time consuming but sure uses  up a lot of the scraps  from the bigger projects.
The train shelf took
about 8 hours to make. 
Very interesting piece
when it is completed
Some of the showroom that I have items displayed in for sale. The showroom is a 28' X 40' room above my shop.

I have had a little practice at doing fretwork. This is one of the sections of the showroom.



My version of the Quarter Map.  I used the map from the WOOD magazine, issue 131, and stained each state with the airbrush before using Deft as the finish coat. The coins are held in to the holes with Tacky Puddy from the office supply store.  The 2 coins by the Great Lakes are the Susan B. dollar coins, one front and one back view.
  The Russell clock from Scroller. This is an easy one to do , compared to some of the other ones I have done. I have not this one miniature YET!




New Book 200 of miscellaneous pattern