Delta Quick Clamp

I am sure you have had the clamp come apart or are just wondering how to set it properly. I hope these pictures help.

These are the parts to the clamp.

Start by holding the lever in place on the main jaw of the clamp.

Now place the movable jaw onto the screw and insert the spring in the hole on the back end of the movable clamp.

Next the wire frame is held in place over the spring. Hold in place with a finger.

Pull the ends of the wire frame over the main clamp section and they will fit into slots.

Place the cone washer on place on the screw, then screw the nut onto the screw.

Looking from the back of the clamp, with the spring in place.

Look at the clamp from the bottom, to be sure the lever is not bent, the cam lines up about at the bottom of the spring hole when the clamp is closed.

With the blade in the clamp move the lever to about this position, then finger tighten the nut tight against the clamp.

When you push the clamp the rest of the way closed, it should have the blade firmly held in the clamp.

Looking at the clamp from the bottom with the blade installed. If the cam is not this far around with the blade locked in place, the lever may be bent not allowing the clamp to close to the locking position.

If you are having the problem with the top of the blade bending forward, the screw is bent. Replace the screw and the clamp will work fine again. The screw can be bent form trying to over tighten the clamp at some time. You may have to lay the shank of the screw on a flat surface with the head off the edge, then roll it. It doesn't take much of a bend and you may not be able to see the wobble as you roll the screw, but try a new screw and see it the problem stops.