Fire Trainings I do for some of my hobby.                            

This is what I do for fun on many weekends during the summer months mostly. I am a part of the team, for the last 15 years, that conducts these large training fires. We will have from 10 -20  departments involved with anywhere from 60 -180 fireman to control and execute these burns. We mainly only do the very large structures like the grain elevators, schools, main street business districts, or other very large structures. It is rewarding to know that I have helped in the training of so many fireman by doing this. These are the type of fires none of us like to see happen, but we do need to have proper training to prepare for something like this if it does.

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Officially I retired from the volunteer fire service on December 31, 2006. I joined the fire service in June of 1974, so about 32 1/2 years of service. Of those I was Fire Chief for 19 years, and a medic,  EMT-A , for 23 years.

I plan to continue doing these large burns as long as I can.

I can say I would love to do it all over again from the beginning to the end, it was well worth the time invested to me.

Video using leafblowers for grass fires.

Wallingford elevator training fire video

Swea City elevator training fire video