Paint Booth                                                     

This is a normal vent less stove exhaust hood. You can see the wire filter on the to with the fan. The light is used to place plenty of light on your project. The filter captures any overspray of paint for a clean air environment.

This unit is for the airbrush with WATER BASED PAINTS only. The stove exhaust fan is not rated for used with combustible finishes.

pnt17.JPG (355493 bytes)

The booth in it's stored position hanging in the rafters.

pnt1.JPG (348658 bytes)

Set on the table ready to assemble

pnt2.JPG (290134 bytes)

The sides all fit into slots made with strips if 1/4" plywood.

pnt3.JPG (331513 bytes)Slots on the base and stops on the sides to keep the back from falling to the rear.
pnt4.JPG (257262 bytes)

Close up of the corner slot.

pnt5.JPG (278842 bytes)

Other corner is the same

pnt7.JPG (291843 bytes)Recess made with plywood around top of side for exhaust unit to set in. pnt8.JPG (298468 bytes)

Other side the same.

pnt6.JPG (313518 bytes)

Had to cut some away for the fan to sit down into the bottom of recess.

pnt9.JPG (245828 bytes)

Lazy Susan so work can be turned while painting.

pnt10.JPG (273556 bytes)

Rack to set Susan at angle.

pnt11.JPG (269728 bytes)

Lazy Susan set in rack so you can paint the face of a project. Have used tacky pudy or thumb tacks to hold project

pnt12.JPG (261323 bytes)

Holder for air brush.

pnt13.JPG (336760 bytes)

Assembled front

pnt14.JPG (300258 bytes)

Assembled side

pnt15.JPG (347812 bytes)

Assembled back

pnt16.JPG (335544 bytes)

Unassembled ready for storage.