Scrollsaw Vacuum

There have been many people who want to try hooking a vacuum to their scrollsaw. Well here is one way that someone sent in. I would be interested to see other ways people have hooked up vacuums to the scrollsaw.


Recently I e-mailed you about the possibility of Vacumming instead of blowing the sawdust of the scroll pattern.  Thanks for your response.  Since then, I modified my attachment and here are two photos. The first one show the vacuum attachment close to the pattern, the second shows in pulled back to make room for what ever. It works great and is very easy to move in and out of the way The lamp I used comes in at under $14.00 dollars at Office Max.  It works excellent.  I thought you might be interested in seeing it.  The item on the saw is the remote on and off for the vac which is out side of my shop. 
I checked out the rest of you web site and enjoyed it a lot.  Thanks for taking the time.
Jerry Flugaur