Dewalt Review:                                                            

I was sent the new Dewalt to try and this is my evaluation of the saw. The one I had
was a early one that had been used for testing so it is not known if it was identical to
the version on the market. There may have been some improvements over the one I had.   The saw cut well while cutting a straight line or making curves but I noticed a bind and rattle while making sharp turns and corners. The saw seemed to have plenty of power so the motor size is acceptable. Beyond that the saw did cut well and seemed to be a nice piece of
machinery. There was little vibration and the saw was quiet running.  Overall a nice saw well designed and another addition to the fine line of scrollsaws available to us.

The table has plenty of room to support large pieces.






The up front top mounted controls are a plus in my book too.





The blade hole in the table seemed small to view the bottom blade clamp for blade insertion.


It is nice to have an air hose long enough to blow the sawdust away from you instead of into your lap.



One thing that I noticed was that there was not much clearance under the arm to rotate your work behind the blade.




I usually remove all of the holddowns from the saw for a less cluttered work area and view. But that blade clamp knob sure does hit hard on your knuckles when you get too close to the blade trying to hold your work down.






From a post on one of the forums these figures came from Dewalt on the speed control settings.

        1 -  400
        2 -  800
        3 -  950
        4 - 1100
        5 - 1300
        6 - 1450
        7 - 1600
        8 - 1750