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These are some of the comments from a thread on the S.A.W. forum:


Hi to everybody, couldn't help but reply regarding queiries on The Diamond Fretsaw. Currently Doug Woodward who is the designer & builder of The Diamond has moved workshops due to downscaling production as he has decided to slow down a little and work from home. This has meant that advertising has been reduced accordingly and although he is looking to have a new website built, due to the demand still being high and production slowed, he did not wish to promise any unrealistic turnaround for new machines and dissapoint customers. However his contact details are as follows:-
Diamond Fretsaws
c/o J.D.Woodward
7 Higham way,
LE 10 2PU
Tel No +44 01455 613432
e-mail betty@highamway7.fsnet.co.uk Brochures and prices are available by post and by e-mail etc. Thanks Barry for the details displayed on your web site and your comments. Yes Doug is of the previous generation and although computers are not yet his best friend, he does know how to build a quality machine as anyone who operates one will know. Versatile enough to be considered as probably the best in the world. How do I know all this? Doug is my Father and I am doing a little work to help with his next website, hence my visit here. He will let you all know when it is up and running and is fascinated by your interest. Enjoy using the Diamond and your woodworking.
Paul Woodward


I just took a look at the brochure that Rick posted on the Diamond Scrollsaw. Could you explain to us a bit about the toolbridge? That is not something I have seen before and I don't understand the purpose and use of it.

I will do better than that I will ask Doug too!
it is brimarily though for extra fine work, metal and wood and gives you a third hand as well as suppoerts attachments such as the magnifying eye glass. An attachment for the air blowe, a hold down foot, not that that is normally reqd due to relieving stroke deisgn and others. I have asked Doud to log on to the forum for you guys. Hope that helps
Paul Woodward

Hi guys, sorry to interupt, my Father Doug Woodward designer and manufacturer of The Diamond Haevy Duty Fretsaw is an Engineer and a fine one, but he is an earlier generation as regards computers and e-mail. I have spoken to him re your questions and have asked him to log on for you to answer any questions re the Diamond Fretsaw Range. He is thrilled that you guys are so passionate about your saws...That's why he got involved over 20 years ago, he saw (forgive the punn!) the same problems and as with Mr Rolls of Rolls Royce, decided he could do better! So did! And has sold them to nearly every country in the world! To explain the philosophy, every saw is handbuilt to British Engineerings finest standards not mass produced but individually tested and set up! If it isn't right it doesn't leave! Guess that's why Williams Grand Prix bought one eh! Doug has moved premises and scaled down a little to work closer to home, hence the output is not massive and business is usually by recomendation, hence no adverts etc...(Although new website to follow soon for information, we will keep you up to date) If however you have any questions for him directly his e-mail address is betty@highamway7.fsnet.co.uk. Tel no +44 (0) 1455 613432 Where he will be glad to answer any questions. Uk Daytime Please if overseas. Thanks again for your interest, continue to enjoy your fretsaws. 
Paul Woodward

Toolbridge is machined prmarily for fine metal work, which is difficult to hold safely. Advantage is as it is not mounted to the arm, there is no vibration or movement normally associated between hold down foot and table. This also applies to any attachments which can be mounted on the toolbridge. This feature is a great favourite of clockmakers etc