Crabapple Wood

I have been trying to use some green Crabapple wood to turn boxes. But it seems that most of them are cracking when they dry.

So I am going to try rough turning the boxes then soaking in the soap solution for 4 days.Let them dry for a week maybe. Then go and finish turn the boxes and see if they crack. As you can see I rough turned the box and lid from one peice of wood. Then used wire to attach the two parts together. That way when I finish them I will have the matching parts still together. I also left some as just round blanks to try turning after the soak in soap solution.

Well they had the 4 day soak in the soap solution. Then after about 5 days of drying here is what I am left with. At least with the turn to finished project I was only having about 40% of them crack. Now it looks to be about 100% cracking witht he soap soak. Not sure what I will try next.

I have been doing some more experimenting withthe crabapple. Just turning it thin green to final size and let it dry. I have made about 25 of these smaller items and yes they do distort a little, but not one of them has cracked. I will tyr some different projects and see if my theory holds up to all things turned from crabapple.