Crotch to Box

I started with a crotch of green wet crabapple wood. Somehow I visioned a box inside that. These are the pictures of the steps in turning it.

THe cut chunk on the lathe. It is just a little out of balance and had to start turning at 250 rpm using a 1/2" bowl gouge.

After a little turning with the bowl gouge.

I used Deft as a wipe on finish on the lathe.I use a cloth an a dish soap bottle of Deft, squeeze out a little on the rag and wipe an area down. I cover the whole project one section at a time and turning the lathe by hand. After the whole thing is covered uniformally I turn the lathe on low speed and wipe the finish to even it out and pick up and possible runs.

And the finished project. Being the crotch is looks different from every direction you turn it.

The scrapers I used to hollow out the inside. Notice the center one was straight and I heated it and bent it at the angle to get upder the lip of the boxes.