Turning Smocks for sale

I looked all over for a lightweight smock for the summer time when it is hot. I could not find anything. So I found some material and made one myself, but it was not real fancy because I am not a good at sewing. I have now found someone that sewed up a new one for me and she did a great job on it. She also offered to make as many as I could sell if other people want to buy them.

For $25.00 plus $2.50 postage (First Class Mail in the USA) you can get one of these smocks. International orders may be extra for postage, send me an email for prices.


XL turner smock $32.50

XXL turner smock $32.50

The material is a very lightweight material like some of the windbreaker jackets are made of. There is velcro on the collar to hold the smock tight around your neck, and this is all it takes to hold the smock on. The style of the smock keeps it pulled up around the waist with no other straps. This smock keeps the wood chip out of your shirt, shirt pockets, and pants pockets. But the best thing is that the wood chips do not stick to it, and it is cool on those hot days. It will also protect you from the water coming out of green wood as you turn.