Tagua Nut Turning

Well I was sent some tagua nuts so I had to give turning them a try. I tried to get pictures of the process that I used.

Hot melt glue was used to attach the nut to a waste block. From there I use mostly the mini skew chisel to do the shaping on the outside of the nut. Sanded with 600 grit paper. The inside was hollowed with a mini round nose scraper. The biggest problem I had was getting the nut off the glue. When trying to cut the glue, it heated up and then stuck to the skew as a gooy mess. Even switching to the parting tool I had the same problem. At this point I think I may try to find something different than the hot glue to hold the nut. But anyway in the end I did end up with a small box from a tugua nut.

Well here is the second one I tried. Only used 1/2 of the nut so there is still another bowl in the other half. You have to save material you know. I wonder if I can get some micro-micro mits for my Mcnaughten coring system so I can core a boowl out of the inside of this one?

And then some are real hollow in the center with worm holes out the end. So you make something different with those.