Wood Supply : August 22, 2010

So how much wood is enough? That is a guestion I have had since I started into turning. Here is a look at what I have on hand today.

This is the main pile out back, mostly walnut with a few other types mixed in in some of the smaller peices.

. This is part of the scrap pile to be used in the wood stove. I hope to give some of this away to friends too.

This is smaller logs of assorted species. All the trash cans are full of more burning scraps.

. The small stuff is burning wood. The 3 big logs are aromatic red cedar waiting to be used.

This is one of the piles of blocks I have cut for use this winter.

Another pile and part of the shelf of wood blocks.

And the other side of the shelf by the lathe.

On top of that I have 3- 50 gallon trash cans full of bowl rough outs, maybe close to 400 bowls right now.

Now just how much is enough. I still have 2 trees on the ground out in the timber to cut up what I want and haul in to add to what I have. One is a large mulberry and the other is a 24" hackberry. I just hope no more wood shows up for awhile.