Chatter Tool

Well everyone talked about using a chatter tool to put a nice pattern on the top of  my boxes. So I decided it was time to try to make one up

This turned out as an easy project. O piece of 1/2" conduit for the handle. I would make it longer than the one I used. about 12" would have been better.  The reason you need the extra length is because in use you need to hang about 5" of the tool over the tool rest to let it chatter right.

To make the tool just tap a hole into the end of the conduit. Then turn a dowel down to fit inside the dowel, cut it in half. Then use an old sawsall blade to make the working tip. Grind the end of the blade as shown then grind the width of the blade so it will fit into the conduit on top of your half round spacer. Then just put the blade in and tighten the bolt down, and you have a cheap chatter tool.

And then you turn the top of the lid smooth. Hang the chatter tool out there and make the cut. Here are some samples of what it will do.

Well I decided to make a new 14" handle. And in the process I used one of the thread pop rivet type inserts for the threads instead of tapping the conduit like the first one.

And you need to practice once you make the new tool.

Then I decided to make a texture tool too. The metal gear has a brass bushing , parts for some model of copier. The handle is from a Lyman bullet sizer, a buddy wore the bolt holes out on the end of the longer arm and had to replace it. I hate to throw anything away I may find a use for someday. I only had the broken handle laying around for a month or so, a fast use found for it. Any small metal gear you can find would work. I am still trying to find some with different tooth sizes.