Hollow Eggs

Something new to try. These are made from a limb so the egg is the diameter of the limb I started with. I did not do anything special, just turned the wood green and applied the linseed, thinner, poly mix finish to them. Lucky I guess because they are thin that they have not cracked any more in drying. There were some cracks in the wood that I filled with epoxy that were there before I started the turning.


A quick turning, not real clean, but just made to show the steps to make a hollow egg. Of course you would do the sanding as you go along  with the turning.

Turn it round and then cut the tenon on each end.

Shape the egg in the middle part.

Now cut the egg in half.

Chuck up the top part of the egg and hollow the inside out. Cut the rabbit inside the lip.

Now cut the top of the egg off the waste block.

Now chuck the bottom part of the egg and cut the tenon on the lip.

Friction fit the top on and clean up the top of the egg.

Cut the inside out of the bottom of the egg.

Now cut the base off the waste block.

And the egg is finished.