The first chuck I bought was the One Way Talon chuck. That has been a good chuck to this point. No problems and it is still just as smooth as the day I bought it.


Then I purchase the Barracuda chuck with all of the different jaws that came as a set. I find I have been using this chuck the most because I have been turning so much small stuff. But the chuck has not worked out to be the best of materials. I keep having to take it apart and filing the high spots off the sliding jaws so it will work. It gets to the point where the metal deforms and it binds up in the slots.

I have been using this chuck about 3 months. You can see the wear that has taken place on the teeth already.

Even the spider gear on the side is showing wear. I have been told they are making a new chuck system where this will be part of the wrench. They have talked like they will rebuild my chuck at no cost if I send it back. I am waiting to find out that they have the new system before I do that.

The main part of the chuck is showing no wear.

The main gear is not showing much wear either.

The parts that are really getting deformed and I have been filing on are the sliding jaws. You can see here on the sides how the metal shows wear in just some spots. This is the sides that I have had to file to get the slides to move. Upon taking the chuck apart I had to use a hammer to get these slides out. After filing they side in and out freely like thy did when the chuck was new.

I really like the chuck with all the extra jaws. I just hope they can fix it and maybe use a little better steel so they last me longer than 3 months.

Now I have been using it awhile longer. Time to send it in to be fixed. I just bought a new one today so I still have one to use while this one is getting fixed.

Great news: I sent the chuck back and they replaced it. So now I have a new one , hope this one lasts longer than the last one. But they do back the products they sell.