Flat Segmented bowl 

This bowl I tried to use the Duby jig to make the segments for the sides. It is a lot more work to make a bowl this way. First I ripped the walnut and oak to 1" wide. Then I used to Duby to cut the angles on the segments and the stop on the Duby made them all the same lenght. That part was fairly easy.

Then laying masking tape sticky side up I glued up the rings. After drying the glue they were ran through the Performax surface sander top and bottom sides until they were smooth and flat. Then I glued all of the rings together into the blank.

Well the bowl made it to the lathe and I started turning it , but it blew apart on the ring I had chucked in the lathe with the 3 jaw chuck.

Well I saved it I guess. Not real happy with the way it turned out, but it was saved to an extent.