Green Wood

People told me to try turning green wood. So I went out and cut down a few trees that I wanted to get rid of anyway. Now I have a cart of green wood to turn. Not sure how green it has to be but 20 minutes after cutting it sure sprays a lot of water. Now after about a week it is a little better to turn.

So far the white color boxes have been turned for green wood. Haven't turned a lot but then I keep adding more every day.

Tried to turn a bowl from a small mulberry crotch and bark. I don't think it turned out too bad for my first crotch and bark bowl.


Even those small dried out limbs can be used for turning. Sometimes they have some beautiful grain and colors. This limb is off of a Smoke Tree, more like an ornamental large bush like a lilac bush.

And keep the area clean, at least once a month, where you cut the limbs up. Can you tell I do not turn on the dust collector very often?

A few of the walnut bowl that were turned green.