Segmented bowl 

For the 6 sided bowl I made a sliding table jig to use on the table saw. I start with a stick of wood the height I want the sides. The bottom fence is set at 79 degrees and the blade is tilted to 28 degrees. By making the first cut then flip the wood over and sliding it to the stop for the next cut. All 6 sides can be cut. Notice the max length for 1/2" and 3/4" wood. That would be to the line at the top of the side, anything shorter is fine.  Jig PDF Then I used masking tape to hold the joint tight while I glued 3 sides together and let them dry. Then to the disc sander and true up the 3 sided part so the two halves fit together perfect before gluing.


I discovered that any wood thickness will not work on a 6 sided on a bowl of any size.  There is not enough wood left on the inside to turn the inside smooth. I have these little V notches at every joint. So I now have marked the cutting jig for the 1/2" wood and  3/4" wood maximum lengths.

I turned the outside of the blank and squared off the bottom of the blank. I have sandpaper on a wood block used to true up the bottom fit.

Then I traced and cut the bottom ,cut it on the scrollsaw, spread glue,  twist the bottom to get good glue coverage, then glued it on, using the tailstock to clamp it for the glue to dry.


Next is turn the new bottom square with the chuck so you can use that as a spigot clamp area.  Turn the blank around and clamp the blank into a chuck and finish the inside and the outside of the bowl as far as you can go down on the outside.

Then it is just sand and finish from there.

It does work great on smaller bowls I know already. This was my test cuts for the jig that I turned into a bowl. But I know a larger one can be made from the 1/2" plywood.

This is my first attempt at a segmented bowl made with stave type construction. I recessed the bowl for the bottom to fit into, found that was a step that was really not needed.

After turning the relief cut in the bottom I inside chucked the bowl bottom and turned the outside.

Then I used the chuck to turn a piece to fit the bottom and glued it in. Put this on the lathe and finished turning and finishing the inside of the bowl.

Then I chucked the bowl by the top and finished the bottom of the bowl.

Some of bowls I have made.

And then by doing a bevel inlay into each side before gluing the sides together you can come up with some nice bowls.