Making Special Tools

Another caliper design. PDF file

I saw the bottom caliper on a web site that someone had made. I made my copy of it but was not happy with how it worked.

So I designed the one on top to use buy drilling holes and gluing wires into the ends for the measuring part. This makes an

easy way for me to gauge the wall thickness on turnings. I have the pivot bolt tightened to where I can move the handles but they

will stay in place to measure. With the wire arms it is easier to get into small vases.

Patterns for the calipers PDF

I have been making a lot of Christmas ornaments and boxes with finals .  So I turn a lot of finals and just fill this box with them. Then when I turn the other half I just pick one out to use. I took a set of drill bits and made a block from some MDF for the bits. Then drilled a hole through the front too. The finals are just turned with whatever size tenon I happen to cut. To find the right size bit to use I just test fit the final into the front of the bit holder . Then that is the bit I use to drill the mortise hole with.

Decided I needed to hook up something for sanding to catch dust. So this is my adjustable arm to hang the dust collector hose from.


This is a garbage bag holder I made to attach to the end of the lathe for all those shavings. PDF of design.