Free Woodturning Videos

On the left is my normal position at the lathe.

On the right is my video position with the camera between me and the lathe.

That my help you understand why sometimes a few of my moves may seem a little awkward. But it sure gives a nice view of how you are seeing things when you turn.

One thing I totally hate is music with a woodworking video, you won't find any here. First off I feel if they have to play music, they don't have anything worthwhile to say, so just send pictures, not a video. When was the last time you watched a dance video and heard a chop saw or router in the background.

Download time will vary with different type of internet connections.

I have loaded some of the videos to You Tube under the name ric47scroll

If you want to save the video to your computer. Right click on the link then select " Save target as" and save the file to your computer.

If you have a topic you would like to see a video on, let me know.

Follow all lathe saftey rules, just because I don't sometimes, does not mean they should not be followed. If you do not feel safe doing what I show you are welcome to use your own techniques.

Just a quick video of the turning part of my shop.


Many may wonder what I do with all this stuff. Well it gets put upstairs in the showroom, or I should call it storage room.


This is a video on making the spiton shape hollow forms.
28 minutes

This shows what to do with the first cut slabs from a log that have some punky sapwood on the outside. Punky Blank
21:39 minutes

Turning a Plate or same technique for a platter.
18:40 minutes

Video about how to make this Potpourri lidded box.
30:15 minutes

A short video of making the flower pedals on the lathe and scrollsaw. From here they get a small hole drilled in the back and then a wire or dowel for the stem of the flower. You can also then turn your own flower pots to put them in.
3:35 minutes

This is a short video on making the small boxes without a chuck, using a faceplate.
8:45 minutes

I did a short video on some other methods to try for making the pens. So these are just Bic Pen Tips that may help, especially on the mini lathe.
6:00 minutes
Using the cheap Bic Pens you can make a wood turned Bic Pen.
10:06 minutes

Making a whistle on the lathe.
11:31 minutes

This is a cupcake box with a cherry on the top. A fun little project the kids will enjoy.
11:30 minutes

Makiing some 2 peice small birds on a wire to put in a flower pot or anywhere.
8:27 minutes

A vase made using ash and walnut. This is a 2 Wood Vase with a dado connecting the woods.
31:07 minutes

A simple NE Goblet. This can also be made with a base only and not have the long stem on it. The concept is still done the same way to make what would be a NE vase.
17:07 minutes

Making a simple garden Dibble. This is used for making the hole to plant garden bulbs or seeds to a uniform depth.
8:58 minutes

Something a little new, a Lily Vase. This is made from small branch limbs of wood.
12:10 minutes

OK, so the larger size below looks a little scary. Here is the mini version of the same thing. A Mini Pour Jug made from a small peice of wood.
8:17 minutes

This is how to make the Pour Pitcher with the offset lip. Goes a little into deep hollowing with hand held tools.
33:40 minutes

This one takes a small crotch limb and makes it into a Crotch Wing Bowl. Starts with how I actually cut the limb up into the turning blank. A fun project to use those smaller branches on.
25:59 minutes
Found another way to make a nice Xmas Tree with a detail gouge, for those that don't like the skew.
3:03 minutes
Here are 3 different styles of Xmas Trees. Very quick and easy to make out of that scrap wood laying around. Putting an eyelet in the top they would make great ornaments.
7:52 minutes

This is a simple drilled box. The inside is made using Forstner bits instead of other tools to hollow it out. A great way to use up those small diameter blanks and get some good practice with the skew.
10:20 minutes

These are small ornament sized angels.
10:22 minutes
This is a tall candle holder for tea candles. It also shows how to maybe change design a little because of some defects in your wood. Also covers making a tailstock cone to stabilaze long pieces on a chuck.
18:38 minutes
Making a model of a butter churn. One variation is a working model of the churn, the other one is actually a toothpick holder.
19:46 minutes

Making a simple tea light holder, using the battery operated light.
13:21 minutes

Here is a simple little hollow form you can make fast on the lathe.
11:01 minutes

This video takes us from a log and spliting into two halves. Cutting a bowl blank and then cutting some turning blocks. From there we rough out the bowl blank on the lathe and prepare it to sack and dry.
23:53 minutes

Making of a simple mushroom.
5:09 minutes

This one is a spaulded hackberry hollow form. It shows the progress from log to finished form. There are many flaws to the wood making the design revised many times. This shows you how about from any wood, it can be made into something close to the intended design. A lot of great tips on hollowing larger forms.
32:34 minutes

A ring goblet this time. I did not do a lot of sanding on this as I needed to show more on how it was made.
15:36 minutes
Making a turned egg box
17:58 minutes
Making a small cup domed box
18:13 minutes
Making a simple bell
12:51 minutes
A simple top
5:05 minutes
Starting with a log, cut on the bandsaw, and turned into a NE bowl shape without the bark.
13:10 minutes
A simple acorn box
10:59 minutes
Making a bowl, with epoxy crack filling.
18:32 minutes
Making a birdhouse ornament
15:26 minutes
Making Christmas Ornaments
9:24 minutes
Making a mini vase
6:49 minutes
A few tips on hollowing the boxes and lid design.
3:52 minutes

Making a box and using the Detail Tool

Here is a PDF file of a printable step by step direction pages of the tools for making the Detail box above. Might help to print out and take out to the lathe with you.
10:26 minutes

Making a simple box
7:42 minutes
Winged Bowl

14:27 minutes

Tilted NE Bowl
12:08 minutes
Making a simple box
5:40 minutes
Making a box with a final top on the lid
4:44 minutes
Making a small final out of the small scrap
3:44 minutes


Tools: This is how I use the tools, but I may not be using all of them right, I'm still learning too.

This is a video that I show the basics of making the vase. But the main reason is to show the deep hollowing rig that I built and how it works.
17:09 minutes
Many may wonder what a vacuum chuck really does. This is a short video showing some of the use for a vacuum chuck. The tube type chuck is one of the best ways to finish off the bottom of hollow forms that have the irregular shaped rims.
9:30 minutes

I have many Benjamin Best tools but this seems to be what I have found on the majority of them. I still think they are a good tools until you have ground them past the tempered section, which seems to run about 1 1/2". My higher quality tools seem to be tempered more the full length of the tool.
In the video when using the shorter tool I was applying a lot more pressure trying to get it to cut.
2:09 minutes

Using the cole jaws with the Barracuda chuck. The donut pattern is on the " Cole Jaw Jigs" page of my web site.
7:02 minutes
This video covers a little about roughing a block of wood but deals more with how to making tenons and how to use the chucks.
11:22 minutes
Here are some skew tips, this shows a litttle of what to do and what not to do.
10:14 minutes
Parting tool use and sharpening.
2:27 minutes
Scraper use and sharpening.
3:24 minutes
Skew use and sharpening.
4:47 minutes
Detail gouge use and sharpening.
4:44 minutes
Why I use the spur center , I have the 1" from PSI.
1:30 minutes
Mcnaughton Coring system
Short video of the process of coring a bowl set.
4:52 minutes

Getting stock ready to use on lathe:

Cutting a limb into lathe turning stock
1:24 minutes

Things you don't like to happen to you:

Error 1: Why you use paper towels and not rags for applying finish.
Error 2: The famous catch you don't want to happen.
Error 3: Another catch.
Error 4: Scraper catch on the outside of a bowl.
Error 5: Breaking off part of a box due to cracks in the wood
Error 6: Why you don't turn punky soft wood
Error 7: Why you keep the wood tight in the chuck
Error 8: Sure hate those suprise catches